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Visma Payroll will not be available after March 31, 2025 - payroll management will transition to either Netvisor or Fivaldi

15-02-2024 3:00 pm tekijä Aki Kauppinen

Visma is committed to offering the best possible service, with products that support our customers' growth and success. Please note that Visma Payroll will not be available or supported after March 31, 2025. This decision was made after careful consideration and is part of our commitment to focusing our resources on developing our financial management and payroll softwares, Fivaldi and Netvisor.

We understand that this transition may pose inconveniences, and we are here to support you in migrating to either Fivaldi Payroll or Netvisor Payroll. Our experts will contact you to discuss the transfer and your options in detail. You are also welcome to contact our customer service directly.

If you make the transition within the year 2024, we will offer you a training package free of charge.

Payroll + financial management = A winning combo

If you take Netvisor Financial Management into use within 6 months of adopting the payroll, you will receive the implementation training free of charge. Ask for more details from sales.


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